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Blue Non-Slip Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel with Carry Bag

Blue Non-Slip Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel with Carry Bag
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Yogis know a slip-free, secure foundation is vital to proper form, focus and fully-realized poses. So don't let sweat become a barrier between you and yoga. Ideal for Bikram (hot) yoga and the natural perspiration generated by a great workout, adding a towel, either directly to the floor or over top of your favorite mat, is a simple step toward better practice. Adding a towel to your mat also extends its lifespan by requiring fewer washes.

Our soft, plush towels are made with top-quality microfiber that is not only comfortable but incredibly absorbent, outperforming cotton and polyester alternatives. They wick away moisture, dry quickly, reduce the growth of mildew and bacteria on your mat, and can simply be thrown in with the regular dark color wash! Best of all, every towel comes with a breathable mesh carry bag. Rolling down to just 8" tall and 5" wide, a yoga towel has never been so portable! No extra bulk to carry, just effortlessly slip your towel in and out of a gym bag, backpack or purse.

Measuring 72" long and 24" wide, our towels accommodate standard 68" yoga mats and extra-long 72" mats.

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